The International Summer University (ISU) 2017 at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences on “Energy Efficient and Smart Building Infrastructure Systems”

The International Summer University (ISU) 2017 at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences on “Energy Efficient and Smart Building Infrastructure Systems” is taking place from July 16 until August 12, 2017. The academic module, which is organized and to be taught by two academic advisors from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, will focus on two main topics. The first part is on smart homes and will look at targets of building automation, such as comfort, efficiency and security/safety. Students will learn how to improve living comfort by building automation, how building automation can influence efficiency among the supply/consumer chain and simulate security and safety concepts. The second part on German Energiewende will focus on energy supply, energy distribution and energy consumption Among others, students will look into regenerative energy sources, conventional power generation and electrical supply networks. The module on smart building infrastructure systems will also contain a one-week academic excursion to Cologne. A detailed module description is attached to this email.
In addition, students will attend a German language class that is organized by the Language Center. Excursions to different cities in the state of Hessen and other leisure activities complement the program. For further information on the program, please have a look at the preliminary schedule which is also attached to this email.

Please click here for the course schedule and here for the course outline.
All relevant information on the program can be found on the website: